Luiz Felipe Scolari learn as a teacher, said judibolaterbaik

The England job escaped him but he was given an opportunity to maneuver to London in July 2008, when Roman Abramovich brought him in to exchange Avram Grant at Chelsea. It started well and therefore the Blues were top of the league until late November. But Scolari was sacked in early February 2009 after some poor results exacerbated issues that had bubbled under the surface. “Chelsea had some problems with injuries, some problems within the team. I had a sort of leadership that clashed with one or two players,” he says. Who? “Anelka and Drogba.” judi bola terbaik

The problems began before he even reached the dugout at Stamford Bridge. “Our medical department thought we should always let Drogba go and recover [from surgery] in Cannes, within the middle of summer. i assumed he should stay in London. i might also wish to attend Cannes within the middle of summer. I’d stay there for a month, two months, enjoying myself.

“When he came back, i attempted to adapt in order that Drogba and Anelka could play together. Anelka was the highest scorer within the league. We had a gathering and Anelka said: ‘I only play in one position.’ So, there was a touch of a scarcity of friendship, of respect, of trying to play along side Drogba. They were both great, but someone had to try to to something different, to urge back to assist once we lost the ball. That was when it changed a touch . But we’ve met since then, me and Drogba. The last time was in Russia in 2018. We spoke openly about it. There wasn’t any ill intention from him or Anelka. But it happened and that i lost out on one among the good chances of my life.

“I wanted to stay working in England. i might work on any club, i feel it’s marvellous. We visited play against Portsmouth and Sunderland, in stadiums that hold 20,000 people. 19,000 people are cheering for the team from their city. i feel that’s really beautiful. [As against Brazil, the English] don’t support the large clubs, they support their clubs.”

There was another World Cup , too; even as well remembered, if for all the incorrect reasons. In 2012, a decade after the glory in Japan, he was back leading the Seleção. And initially , it had been brilliant. After the Confederations Cup win at the Maracanã in 2013, the team was dripping in confidence and therefore the nation was exploding with anticipation. A year later, the unthinkable happened.

Was that confidence misplaced; did it hinder them? For the primary time, Scolari is slightly evasive, umming and ahhing before replying. “I don’t know if it came the way. I can say that we played and won the games within the way that we knew we were getting to win, some with a touch more difficulty.

“When we need to the semi-final, we had that moment of disequilibrium.” He fiddles together with his shirt collar then corrects himself. “Some moments of disequilibrium. and that we lost. Ah, [they say], ‘Because we were imbued with the sense that we were better.’ No. We lost due to our mistakes. They happened and that they were splendidly well taken advantage of by Germany. then it had been that disaster in terms of image, especially here in Brazil.”